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Frequently asked questions

Table of Contents

General FAQ

What is ‘My Personal Therapy’?

My Personal Therapy (MPT) is an innovative online therapy service combined with eCourses that offer mental healthcare and psychological or emotional support and education. Our service is UK based and provides online therapy from UK professional, fully qualified therapists and suitably experienced mentors, combined with an extensive range of personalised psycho-educational online courses and a range of digital well-being tools.  Our eCourses are supported by your own healthcare professional, providing you with valuable weekly/monthly contact and feedback as you progress. Your level of care (number of inclusive therapy minutes) will depend upon your chosen treatment plan.

What do I receive from My Personal Therapy?

After completing a sign up assessment to personalise your experience and find the best eCourse and treatment plan for you, you’ll receive log-in details and have access to your MPT ‘dashboard’. Your dashboard is user-friendly and gives you easy access to everything you need to get underway.

MPT is a complete digital package providing mental healthcare, psychological and emotional support from trained professionals. In addition to your personalised eCourses and online therapy sessions, your dashboard gives you access to a range of tools and resources including an interactive personal journal, an online diary system for booking personal therapy sessions, psychological quizzes, personalised reports, an ongoing record of your completed work, and your progress monitoring reports.

Our eCourses have fresh, varied content to suit whatever way you like to learn. MPT will continue to evolve as you progress, adding new content and weekly module choices regularly as you take steps towards positive change.

Do therapists need special training to work online?

Yes! We believe they do. Providing therapy online and working with tech in a digital space requires specialist skills and expertise from healthcare professionals. We offer a full support programme for every professional working with us. You can be assured that your therapist or mentor will have expert knowledge in working with you online, and providing effective therapy in a digital environment.

Is online therapy as effective as working face-to-face?

Yes! Online therapy has become an increasingly popular choice over the past few years for people looking for more flexibility, convenience and accessibility. Being able to open up about feelings and problems face-to-face with someone can be daunting for many people, preventing them from seeking valuable needed help. Having the anonymity of working online is an excellent way of opening the door for many people that wouldn’t otherwise have access to services. See: “Pros & Cons of online therapy

It can also be difficult to attend in-person therapy sessions for those with busy lifestyles, those living in remote or rural areas, or those living with mobility or sensory impairments, all of which can be significant barriers to getting help.

Online therapy has many differences and advantages over more traditional, face-to-face work. Technology can complement and enhance the therapeutic experience. Research demonstrates that online therapy can be as effective as working face-to-face. If you’d like to read some research into the efficacy of working online, please refer to the following studies:

Distance Therapy Comes of Age

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Is the site secure? How can I be sure that my personal information will be held securely and protected?

We take your privacy and security very seriously. Please see our Privacy Policy. Protecting your sensitive, personal information is at the heart of everything we do, and built into our technology. You can be assured that we will continue to utilise the most safe, secure and cutting-edge systems possible to protect your personal data. We go above and beyond to keep your data safe, and under your control.

Do you need computer skills?

We are very user-friendly, anyone can use the service with minimal computer knowledge. Your therapist or mentor is there to support you through the process, and MPT will provide any support and guidance you might need in order to use the service most effectively. 

How do I contact My Personal Therapy?

For general enquiries:

For urgent enquiries:

For tech enquiries:

General enquiries will be responded to within 3 working days, urgent enquiries will be dealt with within 4 hours (during 9am-5pm business days, otherwise next working day)

How do I get started with My Personal Therapy?

In order to join My Personal Therapy, you’ll need to complete a sign up assessment. . When signing-up, you’ll answer some questions that help us to recommend the best eCourse and professional for you to work with. You’ll answer a few questions, choose your eCourse, Treatment Plan and healthcare professional, then provide payment details. Once joined, you’ll have access to our full programme and can start working on your eCourse immediately. After the first 24 hours, you’ll be able to book therapy sessions directly from your dashboard.

What equipment do I need to use My Personal Therapy?

Ideally a laptop, computer or smartphone. You can access MPT via your smartphone, but it’s sometimes easier, and you’ll make best use of our facilities and features, using a laptop or computer. 

Is there a minimum commitment once I sign up to My Personal Therapy?

Once signed up, there is a minimum commitment of 4 weeks. After this initial period, you may cancel, put things on hold, or move up / down your Treatment Plan as you like.

How do I pay for My Personal Therapy?

We use a secure online payment system called Stripe, you can find information about this payment service provider here:


You can pay either weekly or 4-weekly, and opt in or out of a recurring payment system that takes care of your fees automatically.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can manage your account via your dashboard. After an initial 4 weeks, you can cancel at any time by emailing:

You will have to pay for any weeks where there has been active interaction with your therapist (or mentor). 

Is there a reward for recommending My Personal Therapy?

Yes! We love to hear you are spreading the word and will reward everyone that recommends us by gifting £15 for each person that signs up and remains active with us for a minimum of 8 weeks. 

Can I purchase My Personal Therapy services for a loved one?

Yes of course! You can purchase MPT credits which your loved one can use towards their therapy by entering a voucher code we’ll issue to them. Please email for further details.

Who will be helping me?

You can feel assured that all of our professionals are vetted before being accepted as MPT practitioners. We ensure that our Counsellors and Psychotherapists are UK-based, fully qualified, with professional membership of one of the following regulatory bodies:

Being a member of a professional body ensures our practitioners are fully qualified and will work to a very high standard, professionally and ethically.

If you choose our ‘Course Plan’ or ‘Mentor Plan’, you may also be helped by a professional mentor. Our mentors are professionals with extensive experience in mental healthcare. Mentors undergo a stringent selection criteria before we agree terms with them. Mentors may have worked in fields such as Social Work, Teaching (in a relevant field), Mental Healthcare or Psychiatric Nursing, or other professionally appropriate backgrounds. Mentors may also be student therapists in an advanced stage of training (i.e. ready to work with clients).

Mentors support your eCourses and provide weekly contact and valuable mentorship to you throughout the process, but they do not provide counselling or psychotherapy (online personal therapy sessions). If you are on the Mentor Plan, you still have the option to work with a qualified therapist OR to book additional online therapy sessions with a fully qualified therapist.

If either you or your mentor feel that you need support from a qualified therapist – we will recommend you are referred on to receive appropriate help. Mentors are trained to track and assess how you’re doing, and act as a ‘triage’ – so will be vigilant in recognising when you may need additional support. The choice to use a mentor or therapist depends upon the seriousness of your troubles. Once joining MPT you can opt to work with a qualified therapist rather than a mentor whenever you like.

What is the role of My Personal Therapy?

My Personal Therapy provides a complete digital platform for clients needing emotional or psychological support, with digital tools and resources to assist in the provision of effective mental healthcare and psychological / emotional support. We are responsible for ensuring your experience is safe and secure and the help you receive is of a professional and excellent standard, and handle all of your service enquiries and concerns.

We support our practitioners (therapists and mentors) in delivering our service, and providing online therapy to you. My Personal Therapy vets everyone that works with us, and ensures that our practitioners are working to the highest possible standards, professionally and ethically. Your professional is an independent contractor and will work in whatever style of therapeutic care they feel is appropriate for you, bringing their own skill and expertise.

We regularly track your progress and ensure that things are working well with your therapy.

What is the role of My Personal Therapy practitioners (Therapists or Mentors)?

Our practitioners deliver My Personal Therapy by building a therapeutic relationship with you and supporting your personalised eCourse every week. Depending upon your chosen Treatment Plan, you’ll also have personal online therapy sessions and a daily text message allowance to contact your therapist. Practitioners are NOT employees of MPT and will work in their own way, using their own skills and expertise, making use of the eCourse materials in whatever way they deem appropriate for your care. We hope things work well with your professional, but you’re welcome to choose another therapist or mentor if things don’t work out by emailing us at  or, if you are urgently concerned about the level of care you’re receiving, email

Do My Personal Therapy offer Couples Counselling?

An exciting new course programme is currently being created to provide a couples counselling service online, including digital workshops and other exciting features to improve the quality of your relationships. Couples Therapy will be available within a few months of launch. If you’re having problems with your relationship, you might like to take our available eCourse entitled, “Attached: How to have Great Relationships“.

Does My Personal Therapy have an App?

Currently we do not have an App, although we might introduce one in the future. Our website features work well on a smartphone, and have the look and feel of an App. 

Can I use My Personal Therapy on my mobile phone?

Yes! You can access MPT from your smartphone easily from most devices. It can be helpful to use your computer or laptop to make full use of some of our features and facilities, however.

What computer and internet connection do I need?

You can connect anywhere with an internet or Wifi connection, using any computer. Your security is the most important consideration when working online. Be sure to access your account from a private network, in a private setting.

What if I have a technical issue or the technological services aren’t operating properly?

Unfortunately, technical issues can arise. We have an excellent support service and will deal with any issues as promptly and efficiently as possible. Email: explaining your issue if non-urgent. Alternatively, you can make urgent technical requests by emailing:

How do I make a complaint?

We do everything in our power to ensure you have no cause for complaint and feel passionate about providing exemplary customer service. If anything goes wrong, in the first instance please email: will do everything possible to resolve your issue.

Can my MPT Therapist prescribe medication?

In the UK, Therapists do not prescribe medication. MPT does not become involved with medication, and will not be able to advise you on appropriate medicine as part of your mental healthcare treatment plan.

If you would like advice on medication, it is important to talk to your GP.

What is a Mentor? What is the difference between a Therapist and a Mentor?

We use two types of mental healthcare practitioner, therapists and mentors. A therapist is a fully qualified, UK registered counsellor or psychotherapist. A mentor is a mental healthcare professional with considerable experience and understanding in providing emotional and psychological support. On most of our Treatment Plans, you’ll be working with a therapist. Both our Course Plan and Mentor Plan do not have inclusive online personal therapy sessions. If you opt for either of these plans, you may be working with either a mentor or a therapist. However, on all of our plans, you are welcome to book additional therapy sessions as and when you need them, regardless of the treatment plan you’ve chosen.

You can opt to work with a fully qualified therapist at any time, regardless of the Treatment Plan you have chosen.

Can I change the email address associated with my account?

Yes, once signed up you can easily edit any of your personal details or information at any time from your MPT  dashboard.

How does the text messaging service work?

If you feel that you need extra care and support at any time, our Intensive Plan gives you the ability to have daily contact with your therapist via text messaging, in addition to your personal therapy sessions and eCoursework. This means that your therapist will reply to your text messages up to 5 times per working day, so that help is always at hand when things crop-up. There is a limit to the length of each message (100 words) and depth of care that can be given via text, but having something like that available can feel an important safety blanket. Text messaging is also an excellent way of dealing with unexpected events or urgent care situations. 

Your text message allowance does not ‘roll-over’ or accumulate, and your therapist will be required to reply to your messages in a timely manner. You’ll receive full details once you sign up for the Intensive Plan.

How do online personal therapy sessions work?

You’ll be able to book personal online therapy sessions at a time to suit you by using our online diary system. When you book, you’ll also choose what medium you’d prefer to hold your therapy session, either Therapy Chat, Video Messaging or Phone.

How do Therapy Chat sessions work?

Once signed up, you’ll be able to book Therapy Chat sessions for a length of time according to your chosen treatment plan. Therapy Chat sessions happen via your MPT dashboard (meaning you’ll need to be logged on). Therapy Chat operates in a similar way to ‘LiveChat’ or chat rooms. You’ll log-on to your MPT dashboard at the time you’ve booked and your therapist will be ‘live’ and waiting to begin your session. You’ll be able to converse directly with your therapist via our portal. It’s a very user-friendly system.

How do Phone sessions work?

You book your personal therapy phone session using our online diary system.. At the time you’ve chosen, your therapist will phone you on the number you’ve provided to us.

How do Video Messaging sessions work?

You book your personal therapy Video messaging session using our online diary system. At the time you’ve chosen, your therapist will connect with you via the video messaging medium of your choice, such as FaceTime, Skype, Signal or Threema. Video messaging takes place off-site (not via the MPT portal). We recommend platforms such as Signal that use end-to-end encryption. 

Client FAQs

How do I know what treatment plan I need?

See: “Treatment Plans

There are 5 treatment plans available, each offering a different level of service, depending upon how much support you need, and to suit your budget. Whatever treatment plan you choose, you’ll have your own personalised eCourse and access to all of the digital features and facilities on our platform.

Regardless of your chosen treatment plan, you’ll be able to book additional personal online therapy sessions with a fully qualified therapist (not necessarily your own).

Can I move up or down my treatment plan?

Yes! You can move up or down your treatment plan at any time. Your only commitment is to remain signed up for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Can I change the person I am working with?

Yes! Of course. It is very important to work with a therapist or mentor that feels a good fit, and we work hard to ensure we find the best suited professional for you. If you feel things aren’t working at any time, simply contact us and we’ll discreetly handle everything for you, and find someone else for you to work with. It’s recommend to address your concerns directly with your therapist or mentor in the first instance, as they might be unaware of how you’re and able to resolve things between you.

We encourage you to submit reviews regarding your work with mentors and therapists and welcome feedback regarding the help you’ve received. If anything doesn’t work well, we will do everything in our power to assist you and resolve any issues.

We also welcome positive feedback and reviews if you’ve received an excellent service and standard of care from your therapist or mentor, My Personal Therapy is keen to acknowledge and reward anyone working with us that provides an outstanding service.

How am I billed for the service?

You pay weekly via a secure online payment system, Stripe. It is also possible to purchase a complete course programme (set number of weeks) in total. If you would like further information about this, please email:

How do I rescheduling or cancel a personal online session?

After having made a booking, you can reschedule or cancel your therapy session from your account page on the dashboard

Will online therapy work for me? Isn’t it better seeing someone face-to-face?

See: “Pros & cons of online therapy

Deciding which therapy to take is a personal choice, some people may feel online therapy works for them and others prefer traditional face-to-face work. There are pros and cons to all types of therapy, deciding what works for you is a matter of personal choice.

Unlike most other online therapy services, the professional help you’ll receive via MPT is complemented with an inclusive personalised eCourse, tailored to meet your individual needs.

Working online requires a special skill set and certain expertise that means untrained professionals may not work as effectively digitally as they would face-to-face. We only work with practitioners that are confident and competent at delivering online therapy, and we feel passionate about the opportunities of providing ‘digitally enhanced’ therapeutic care.

We also offer a wide range of treatment styles and approaches, not limiting you to certain forms of support that might not suit you or the particular difficulties you’re facing. The NHS strongly focuses on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), as do many other online therapy sites. However, at My Personal Therapy we don’t want to limit you to one type of approach as there is a vast array of options and skilled therapists from many fields available that you might prefer, or would be more helpful in tackling the particular issues you face.

Online therapy will suit you if you’re comfortable in a digital environment in your personal life (ie. regularly communicate via text, social media etc.) and you prefer the ease, comfort, flexibility and convenience of working remotely from home, or wherever. 

My Personal Therapy works hard to address the potential issues that may arise through having virtual communications and relationships, recognising the value of physically spending time with people in-person and having ‘real’ connections. Our practitioner on-boarding programme address many of the issues around the potentially negative effect of technology and social media on human relationships and emotional well-being. We’re passionate about promoting real connections, and its importance to human happiness. 

How can I be sure My Personal Therapy will work for me?

There are many studies confirming the effectiveness of using a digital medium for making positive changes to your life and emotional well-being. Some research was referred to previously if you’d like to check it out.

Our company ethos is to use digital technology to enhance the experience and provision of therapy and mental healthcare, to value individuality, to treat everyone and their experiences personally, access for all, and to adhere to high ethical standards of professionalism in a warm, accepting, positively nurturing humanitarian way. This ethos extends to everyone involved in our community whether client, therapist or mentor. 

What is the refund policy?

After an initial 4 week commitment, you can cancel at any time and will be refunded for any unused weeks. An unused week is one in which you haven’t had any interaction with your mentor or therapist, including responses to your eCoursework submissions. Refunds will also be given at our discretion following any issues or complaints that arise with our service. Full details will be available in your T’s & C’s once you sign up.

Will the same person be helping me throughout my experience with My Personal Therapy?

Yes! At My Personal Therapy we believe in the importance of building strong, therapeutic relationships and want you to work with the same therapist or mentor throughout if they’re a great fit for you. Once you’ve found this person, you can continue to work with them. However, as our practitioners are independent contractors they are free to terminate their agreement with us at any time (we ask that you’re given a suitable notice period). In this unlikely event, we will find another suitable practitioner for you to work with. 

All of our practitioners are asked to give you 4 week’s notice should they decide to leave or take time off (for longer than 3 working days in a consecutive period).

If you need to change therapist or mentor, we will do everything possible to make the transition to a new professional as easy and comfortable for you as we can. Full details will be available in your Ts & Cs once you sign up.

How old do I have to be to sign up for My Personal Therapy?

Currently we only accept clients over the age of 18. However, we are currently working on projects to create specific courses and digital psychological support to teens and children. Any news about My Personal Therapy developments will be published on our site or emailed to you if you’re on our mailing list.

Do I have to enter my debit/credit card information?

Yes. We use a secure payment system called Stripe that will require you to enter you debit or credit card details once you sign up. This recurring payment system ensures your therapy remains uninterrupted and payments are being made on time. If you miss a payment, you will not be able to access certain areas of the site and will be sent a reminder, but your services may be restricted if your payment becomes overdue.

Can I have a free trial?

At certain times, we offer free trials which give you access to our Course Plan.

Are MPT Practitioners given any training in providing online therapy?

Yes! We provide our practitioners with an on-boarding programme giving them access to a range of support materials should they wish to avail themselves. These modules and professional forums forums provide support in delivering online therapy, providing psychological support in the digital age, and delivering MPT Courses.

Are mentors as good as therapists?

They are each specialised roles, and it depends upon your level of need. If you are seriously struggling or unwell, we’ll assign you to a fully qualified therapist. If you are feeling suicidal, or have made suicidal attempts in the recent past, we’ll assign you to a fully qualified therapist, and might recommend that you seek alternative or additional mental healthcare until you are no longer in crisis. You have the option to select fully qualified therapists when you sign up, or at any time.

Mentors are highly skilled and provide an excellent, invaluable service. They come from a range of professional backgrounds with extensive experience and understanding of emotional and psychological vulnerabilities. We carefully vet every professional joining us and ensure our mentors are qualified to support your eCoursework. You’ll be able to check the skills and experience of your particular mentor from their profile, and feel confident in their expertise at being able to support you. If you opt for the Mentor Plan, you’ll have access to everything MPT offers except for inclusive personal online therapy sessions. Your mentor can’t provide therapy, but they can provide (as their name suggests) therapeutic mentorship.

This means mentors have the knowledge and experience to support and guide you, wisdom to impart, and weekly companionship, nurturance and guidance to you along the way. Mentors are also trained to be vigilant about your mental health, and monitor you, to ensure that you’re referred on to one of our qualified therapists should the need arise.

At any time, on any of our treatment plans, you have the option to book online personal therapy sessions with a fully qualified therapist.

Can I read over previous work and communications with my practitioner?

Yes! One of the great things about MPT is that you have complete access to all of your work, like a personal record of your progress, that you can access 24/7. You also get to choose personal information to be kept secret, only available to you, or have certain things deleted if you like. If you have any concerns of requests about the way we handle your data (personal information), please email us at:

Being able to peruse your submissions over time and keep a record of things you’ve worked on, and the progress you’ve made, is one of the things that makes working digitally really beneficial and advantageous.

If you like, we can also hold onto your files if your account is cancelled or placed on hold, so that you can return and pick up wherever you left off at any time. If you cancel or put your account on hold, we will store your details and work securely for up to 12 months. 

How long can I use My Personal Therapy?

As long as you like! After an initial 4 week commitment, you are free to cancel, put your therapy on hold, or continue with your work, whatever suits you. Many of our eCourses may be of interest to you, and help bring positive changes to your life. New courses are also being launched all the time. Once you’ve completed your eCourse, you are free to move onto another one, and can stay with us for as little or long as you need.

Can I use a pseudonym (first name only or nickname)?

Yes! Anonymity is a fantastic aspect of online therapy that allows those of you that can’t face having to reveal things to a professional in person the chance of having therapy. If you’d like to remain anonymous and use a nickname or pseudonym, that’s absolutely fine. There are some safeguarding implications to this, full details will be made available to you once you sign up.  

How do I reset my password?

Our system talks you through the procedure easily on your ‘dashboard’. If you have any problems, contact us by emailing:

How long do I need to use My Personal Therapy?

You are unique, your experiences are unique – so we don’t impose rigid or set lengths of time to giving you the help you need. It really depends. Some people find that working with us for a few weeks is all they need, others will choose to stay with us for a year or longer.

The Course and Mentors Plans allow you to maintain optimum mental health, to proactively ensure your mind stays in tip top condition, just like exercising your body for optimum physical health. If you want to give therapy a try but don’t feel ready to commit to personal online sessions, the Course or Mentor Plans is a great place to start.

Can I take a therapy break?

Yes! After an initial 4 weeks commitment, you can put your therapy on hold at any time. You won’t have access to your account, but we’ll keep everything held securely for you so that you can return and pick up wherever you left off as soon as you’re ready.

How do I pay for My Personal Therapy?

You pay using a secure online payment system by giving your debit or credit card details,

Do I choose my own professional practitioner?

Yes! We recommend practitioners we think will be a great fit for you based on your introductory sign up assessment. You’ll choose from our recommendations, and can opt to change who you’re working with at any time.

If I cancel or take a therapy break, can I return to the same person I was working with previously?

Yes, if your former practitioner is available then we will make every effort for you to return to them. However, we can’t guarantee this.

If I cancel and rejoin, will My Personal Therapy still have my details and a store of previous work I’ve done?

Yes! We hold your information securely for a set period of time (up to 12 months) and you can return and pick up wherever you left off at any time.

How do I cancel?

After 4 weeks, you may cancel by emailing:

You will not be charged for any unused therapy weeks.

Do unused online personal therapy sessions roll-over?

No. The online personal therapy sessions aren’t accumulative. You must book your allocated session times each week using our online diary booking system. If you don’t book a session, or fail to attend a session (without giving appropriate cancellation notice as detailed in your Ts & Cs) then that session cannot be carried forward.

At our discretion, if an online personal therapy session doesn’t take place through no fault of your own, then we’ll do everything possible to resolve this issue to your satisfaction.

Do unused text message allowances roll-over?

No. You’ll have a daily text message allowance of 5 per working day if you opt for our Intensive Plan. This means you can reach out to your therapist up to 5 times per working day, and expect a timely reply. Please note that there is a word limit to the length of texts you’ll send and the reply you’ll receive from your therapist (100 words). If you don’t use your 5 per working day, this allowance does not ‘roll-over’. Note that the texting service is generally only available Mondays-Fridays and not on public holidays, unless by special arrangement with your therapist.

Working for MPT FAQs

I am a mental healthcare professional, how can I work with My Personal Therapy?

Register with us today and we’ll get back to you with everything you need to know.

Therapists register here

Mentors register here

I want to work with My Personal Therapy…will it cost me anything?

Our usual membership fee for professionals is either an annual payment of £100 (plus VAT), or £10 (plus VAT) per month if you’d rather pay monthly. For this, we’ll provide you with the number of clients of your choice up to an upper limit of 15 per week (with some flexibility depending upon treatment plan taken), a full support programme including online eCourse materials and expert forums, include your details in our profile directory and introduce you to clients. You’ll have everything you need ready-made to bring your practice into the digital age.  

I am a mental healthcare professional, what training and support will My Personal Therapy provide?

As an independent contractor you are free to work with clients however you feel appropriate for their care. However, we provide a professional’s dashboard where you can access a full on-boarding programme of online courses. There is a free eCourse entitled “Practitioners’ Support” with a comprehensive range of modules to help you gain additional skills and expertise in working digitally, delivering our eCourses effectively, and providing online therapy. 

Apart from our on-boarding support package, we also have MPT Supervisors and Experts forums (live sessions, times will be published). You’re welcome to email for advice and any support you might need

These support services are provided to you as part of your annual / monthly membership fee.

I am a mental healthcare professional, what are the benefits of working with My Personal Therapy?

Working with MPT is an excellent way of adding variety and an additional revenue stream to your existing practice or career. We offer excellent rates for working with us, going up incrementally depending upon whatever treatment plans you are servicing. You’re free to work in whatever way you choose, manage your own diary and take whatever number of clients suits you (up to a maximum of 15 per week is recommended, with some flexibility depending upon treatment plan).

As a general guide each week, you’ll be spending between 45 mins – 2 hours per client, per week. Your time will be split between providing online personal therapy sessions (ranging from 20-40 minutes per client, per week) and responding to client’s coursework submissions with supportive, nurturing feedback. If a client is on the ‘Intensive Plan’, you’ll be answering up to 5 texts per working day. 

Aside from the brilliant earnings potential, My Personal Therapy offers an excellent incentive rewards package for top-performing professional contractors. This package includes preferential allocation of clients, special feature articles about you on our site, enhanced profile optimisation, invites to MPT Special Events and ‘highly acclaimed professional’ profile status.

We also cover all professional insurances and indemnities so that our clients remain our legal responsibility, freeing you from any personal liability (provided you demonstrate strict adherence to your Ts & Cs). You’ll be required to have your own professional insurance. Full details will be made available to you once you join us.

If I work with My Personal Therapy, how will I be paid?

MPT will pay you within 3 working days of the end of the calendar month in which your services were provided, except in the unlikely event that the Client notifies us that Sessions or mentoring were of an unsatisfactory quality, or you’re in breach of your Ts & Cs, in which case we’ll carry out an investigation.

You’ll be paid digitally via our automated payment system to your nominated bank account. You’ll be working with us as an independent contractor, not an employee. This means you’ll need to invoice us for using your services. However, we simplify this for you by using a self-billing method, meaning we make the necessary calculations, generate invoices on your behalf, and pay you according to the number of clients you’ve worked with the previous month, less any fees due to ourselves.

Should you be registered for VAT, you’ll need supply us with your VAT registration number so we can produce full VAT invoices on your behalf.

We charge our clients, and set pricing. You will not be involved with charging MPT clients and won’t take any fees from them directly.

If I work with My Personal Therapy, will I be an employee?

No. You will be working with us as an independent contractor. If you are unsure what this means for you, it is important to seek independent legal or financial advice. Most importantly, it means that you’ll be responsible for paying your own personal tax and national insurance contributions in a self-employed capacity, and will have different legal rights.

If I work with My Personal Therapy, do I have to give a notice period if I intend to leave?

As an independent contractor, it isn’t required – but it would be really helpful if you did! As you’ll be working with vulnerable people, we think it’s very important to care for them as much as possible by giving 4 weeks notice if you intend to leave, or take significant time off (more than 3 consecutive working days). This isn’t a legal requirement, but we ask you to be considerate to our clients as unexpected changes can be very distressing for those living with psychological and emotional difficulties. 4 weeks gives us plenty of time to help clients with the transition and ensure they remain cared for. Further information will be available in your Ts & Cs.

If I work with My Personal Therapy, do I have to give a notice period if I intend to take time off?

We recommend that you notify MPT, and any clients you’re working with, if you intend to take any longer than 3 consecutive working days off. This isn’t a requirement, but we think it’s considerate to clients and helps provide a good, consistent quality of care. Full details can be found in your Ts and Cs once you join us.

How much time should I expect to dedicate to My Personal Therapy clients?

As a general recommended guide, you’ll be spending between 45 minutes to 2 hours per week, per client (depending upon treatment plan). You can spend as much or as little time as you like responding to client’s eCoursework, but we have recommendations to help ensure our standard of care is consistent for all clients. Some weeks you may feel it’s important to devote more time to clients than other weeks. You may find it more appropriate to spend more time attending to clients eCoursework if their treatment plans involve less personal online therapy time. How you choose to use the service is entirely up to you, using your skills and expertise. You’ll manage your own MPT diary.

Online personal therapy sessions have set time allocations each week ranging from 20-40 minutes, depending upon the treatment plan taken. Our online diary booking system automatically allocates 10 minutes processing time for you at the end of each session.

You’re also welcome to optionally upload extra diary availability making yourself free to any MPT clients wishing to book additional online therapy sessions. These Sessions are available in 10 minute blocks, up to a maximum of 5 blocks (50 minutes). You’ll be given 24 business hours notice whenever a client books an online therapy session. Additional sessions might not be with your regular (usual) clients. You’ll receive a fee as advertised for additional therapy sessions yo undertake with any clients.

How often do I need to check in with My Personal Therapy clients?

We recommend managing clients expectations by mutually agreeing with MPT to follow guidelines about certain aspects of the service. It’s recommended that you reply to any client submissions within 3 working days (and within the same 7-day therapy week). A similar time frame would apply to responding to any non-urgent messages from clients. Any written communications with clients MUST happen via our platform rather than separately via your personal or business email (for legal reasons).

On the Course and Mentor Plans, you will be responding to clients’ eCoursework, My Journal entries and other activities undertaken (for example quizzes and progress assessments). On these plans, there are no inclusive personal online therapy sessions, but clients might choose to book sessions as and when they need them.

On the Support and Therapy Plans, clients have all the benefits as described in the Course and Mentor Plans, with the addition of inclusive personal online therapy sessions per week (20 and 30 minutes respectively).

The Intensive Plan includes all of the above plus the option of being able to text you up to 5 times per working day. These are short (100 words maximum) messages, aimed at ‘touching base’ or ‘checking in’ rather than a medium for actual therapy.

You can choose when you’d like to work, manage your MPT diary by uploading your availability, choose your own hours and be matched with suitable clients accordingly.

Do I need to go through an application process?

No, you’ll go through a registration process. For UK qualified therapists, the process is straightforward. Prior to accepting your registration, MPT will:

  • check your membership with a professional body
  • verify your identity
  • check the profile information you submit and upload (publish) your Profile Page

The application process for mentors is also straightforward, we require some more information and assurances of your suitability to the work before we can approve your Profile Page. Once you’ve registered, we’ll email with next steps. It’s easy to submit the evidence online and once we’ve carried out our checks, you can begin working with clients in no time. If registering as a mentor, we will need a CV detailing your experience, proof of professional indemnity insurance and a professional reference. 

Could I be a My Personal Therapy Mentor?

Mentors are an invaluable asset to My Personal Therapy. We recognise the vast untapped resource of professionals that could offer invaluable mentorship. You could be a MPT mentor if you meet at least 3 of the following criteria:

  • Holding a degree in a relevant subject, such as Psychology, Counselling, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Mental Healthcare.
  • A Qualified Teacher in a relevant field
  • A Qualified Social Worker
  • A Qualified Psychiatric or Mental Healthcare Nurse
  • A Student Counsellor or Psychotherapist in an advanced (placement)  stage of training
  • A Senior Mental Healthcare Support Worker
  • Have had personal therapy yourself
  • Have experience in mental healthcare in a voluntary or paid capacity supporting clients

Mentors come from professional backgrounds and have experience and understanding of working with vulnerable people in need of mental healthcare or psychological / emotional support. We welcome any registrations, and will accept at our discretion. 

As you’ll be working with clients on the Course and Mentor Plans, you’ll be providing monthly or weekly contact and support delivering our MPT eCourses. It’s important to consider whether you’re comfortable communicating in writing AND have a sound understanding of mental healthcare, including data protection and professional and ethical standards. If you feel you fit the bill, we’d love to hear from you.

All of our practitioners, whether therapist or mentor, will need to understand UK data protection law, be familiar with the GDPR, and will become Data Controllers, which carries with it some legal obligations. 

How long is the My Personal Therapy on-boarding process?

Once you register with us and we have carried out our checks, we’ll upload (publish) your Profile Page. You’ll have access to your MPT dashboard, including your online diary, Practitioner’s eCourse and account management page. 

You’re welcome to use the eCourse materials, and other support available for you, exactly as you choose.

MPT Experts and Supervisors are also available online for LIVE weekly forums at published times should you wish to attend for any advice or support. Full details will be provided once you sign-up.

Isn’t working online a bit impersonal and detached?

Building strong therapeutic relationships is the keystone of therapy. There are some barriers to building close, personal, authentic relationships when working online, but with adequate skills training online therapy offers clients more choice and an excellent alternative (rather than replacement) for face to face work.

Getting to know someone online is a different experience than being face-to-face. Without access to the usual non-verbal cues (body language, mannerisms) and ‘feeling’ we get through all our senses when in another’s company, it’s challenging to develop the type of close, personal relationship that would optimise therapeutic benefit.

The MPT eCourses have been created to break down barriers by focusing on nurturing the therapeutic relationship alongside helping clients to explore aspects of their lives and experiences. The weekly modules help facilitate the ‘getting to know you’ process, providing valuable information about your client to help compensate for not being with them in person.

There are some advantages with working online that can be barriers in traditional therapy. Social niceties often seep into the first portion of a face-to-face therapy session, with a ‘settling in period’ eating into valuable therapy time. Clients often feel more comfortable ‘cutting to the chase’ when working remotely.

Having to interpret body language and cues from our senses may give more information, but it also gives more information to misinterpret or misjudge. Other people’s physical presence triggers us, and it’s not always possible to untangle transference or work with it therapeutically. Sometimes, it gets in the way.

Working online therapeutically gives you the opportunity to get out of each other’s way. To be as non-judgemental as possible. Being unencumbered with dealing with another’s physical presence and cues can free clients from a great deal of shame, social inhibition and anxiety. The additional level of confidentiality and ability to work anonymously has a great appeal to many clients and an important advantage of online work.

The key is ensuring a warm, personal relationship is nurtured so disclosures and exploration happens in a therapeutic (close and empathic) climate rather than as a result of clients being disinhibited about talking because they’re feeling detached or impersonal. Personal engagement with the work is necessary for meaningful change and the courses have been written by therapists that understand this.

Privacy, Security & Confidentiality FAQs

Is it secure and confidential?

Yes! We feel strongly about protecting your privacy and keeping your information safe and secure.  You can opt to access our service anonymously, so you won’t need to give any details except payment information (which would be held by the secure payment system, not us). You won’t even need to give your first name, you can use your username or pseudonym (nickname) if you’d like. You’ll receive full information about our full privacy and security policies upon signing up.

How is my confidentiality and privacy protected?

We do everything in our power to secure your privacy and confidentiality. We have state-of-the-art technology, operational procedures and infrastructure that puts safeguarding your privacy and confidentiality at the heart of everything we do. We go above and beyond to ensure our privacy and confidentiality standards are advanced and meet the requirements of UK Law and the GDPR. You can feel safe and comfortable.

Our practitioners must be Data Protection Controllers, meaning that they are legally obliged to understand the law and protect your privacy and confidentiality. You have ultimate control over any of your personal data held by us, and can restrict or delete it easily, at any time. Full details can be found in our Privacy Policy once you sign-up. 

Our site is secure and encrypted to an extremely high industry standard, we only hold data in UK-based servers. Our databases are encrypted and scrambled so they essentially become useless in the highly unlikely attempt of hacking. We would never release any of your information to anyone without your permission, except in the highly unlikely circumstances of being legally required to do so. Further information will be available in your Ts & Cs once you sign up.

Can I access information held about me?

Yes! At any time by emailing a request to:

We will respond to any such request within 28 days, usually much sooner.

How secure is the payment system?

We use a highly secure, state-of-the-art payment system, any information you need can be found here: Stripe

MPT Courses FAQs

How do I choose my online course?

After answering a few questions, we’ll recommend 3 courses for you. You don’t have to accept our recommendations, you can choose any one of the available eCourses on our programme. We even have MPT specialists that can create your ‘Bespoke Course’, with modules (weekly content) chosen to precisely fit your needs, personality and preferred style of learning. 

In addition to a personalised choice of eCourse, each of the modules within our courses evolve with you, can be chosen according to your individual needs, and preferred way of learning. So every course is unique and personalised for you, evolving as you progress according to your individual needs and current life circumstances

Your therapist or mentor will work with you and guide you through the weekly modules that work best for you. As you progress, a selection of recommended weekly modules become available for you. You are welcome to choose any module and not accept our recommendations. 

Can I access my e-coursework anywhere, anytime?

Yes! You can access your course 24/ 7 from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. 

How are My Personal Therapy courses personalised?

Our eCourses are personalised in many ways. Firstly, we have a continually developing, extensive range of course options that can be selected for you personally, and the type of treatment approach you’d like to try.

Once you’ve selected an eCourse, the weekly modules evolve with you and can be selected and adjusted according to:

  • Your preferred learning style (do you prefer reading, writing, informal approach, academic approach, video or visual, auditory, working in practical ways, methodical ways, or abstract, creative ways? Whatever your preference, you can choose weekly modules that are a right fit for you, week to week)
  • Your particular emotional or psychological concerns
  • How you’re feeling and what you’re needing each week
  • Changes to your mental health or symptoms
  • Any changes to your mental health
  • Any changes to your lifestyle (for example if you have a busy couple of weeks, it’s possible to take less time-consuming weekly modules)
  • Any changes to your circumstances (you might begin an eCourse on “Anxiety” and, a few weeks in, have a relationship break down and feel that you’d benefit more from eCoursework focused on relationships)

In addition, we offer a ‘Bespoke Course’ with weekly modules tailored just for you. An MPT Specialist will consult with your during a personal session, discussing your needs, your presenting problems and personal preferences. After this consultation, a completely bespoke eCourse will be created for you with content selected personally for you, attending to every aspect of your emotional well-being (*additional fee applies for the Bespoke Consultation).

Many people suffer from issues that are comorbid. For example you may have relationship problems together with depression and anxiety, so a single course choice might not cover everything for you. Our Bespoke Course allows us to meet your unique, individual needs. 

Weekly modules from our ‘Sleep’ course are also available alongside other courses because sleep deprivation is so detrimental for mental health.

How often will new courses be launched?

You’ll be able to see upcoming eCourse information from our site and register your interest for upcoming courses. 

What can I expect from a My Personal Therapy course?

You’ll have a dashboard, a user-friendly control panel from where you’ll access your courses and all of the features and facilities available to support you on our site.

Each week, your chosen weekly modules will arrive on your dashboard and you’ll get to complete the weekly activities and submit to your therapist or mentor for support and feedback. The weekly eCourse content is wide-ranging, with a variety of audible, interactive, video, written work, practical activities, things to try, psychological education, quizzes, reports and animation components to keep you engaged. 

The work can be done on your own or with company, and ranges from simple to academic, arty to scientific, practical to physical, spiritual to solution-focused and rational. It really depends upon you as an individual and what you’re looking for, what works for you. Our eCourses and weekly modules cater for all tastes and preferences.

What if I am suffering from a number of concerns and one course doesn’t meet all of my needs?

We could create a Bespoke Course to meet all of your needs.

What if I don’t like my course or I’m not finding it helpful?

You can change your eCourse choice at any time, unrestricted.

What happens if I don’t complete my coursework?

The coursework is designed to be motivating, engaging and even fun! We hope you enjoy undertaking the weekly course content, but if you don’t manage to get things done, we won’t tell you off! Life sometimes gets in the way.

If you’re finding your eCoursework too time-consuming, you can discuss this with your therapist or mentor and decide the best way forward. Usually selecting more easy-going, less labour-intensive, weekly course modules resolves the issue. Each weekly module has a ‘learning style’ guide so you know what to expect before choosing your weekly module. 

The eCourses are invaluable part of your therapy and have been designed to complement the work you are doing with your therapist or mentor, to enhance your complete experience. Finding motivation when you’re feeling awful can be hard, this is something your therapist or mentor will support you with.

Will I pass or fail my course?

No. We’re not testing you! Although if you’d like a certificate and gold star, we’re sure it can be arranged!

Who has access to coursework that I submit?

Your therapist or mentor, plus authorised senior MPT healthcare staff administering your account. You can hide any confidential information you don’t want to be seen.

How do I know what eCourses are available?

They will be advertised on our site.

Can I join a mailing list to notify me of new courses as they become available?

Yes! Any “Coming Soon” eCourses are released in order of demand. Should you wish to take an eCourse that isn’t yet available – you have the opportunity to register your interest and will be notified as soon as the eCourse becomes available and receive an extended 4 week free trial of the Course Plan once your chosen course goes live.

Can I change my course choice once I’ve started?

Yes! You can change your course choice at any time. It’s a good idea to talk your decision through with your therapist or mentor, or ask advice from MPT here

If I decide to cancel or put things on hold, can I return and complete my course at a later date?

Yes! We will hold your information and coursework on file so that you can return and have everything ready-and-waiting to pick up where you left off. We hold your account for up to 12 months. 

Do My Personal Therapy courses involve a lot of work?

As our eCourses are personalised, how much work is entirely up to you. Some of our weekly content involves listening to audio or watching video, doing some reading, taking a quiz, doing some artwork or creative activity, experimenting in practical ways and varied means of taking care of your mental health. Other eCourses involve in-depth academic discussions of psychology. Some activities can be done in no time, other material you could get lost in and spend hours on. You choose the content that works for you, as much or as little as you’d like. You pick the weekly content that most appeals to you, week by week. 

How many hours a week will I need to spend on My Personal Therapy work?

As a general guide, you might like to devote at least half an hour and no more than three or four hours per week to your MPT eCoursework, to keep good balance in your life. However, how much time you spend is completely your choice.

Are the courses difficult?

No! Some of the course content is quite academic and in-depth, but if this doesn’t appeal to you that’s absolutely fine! Just avoid that content. It’s easy to select course content that suits you personally. The courses will help you explore what’s going on in your life in ways designed to be thought-provoking and engaging, not difficult. Some of the material might be challenging to address, but that’s the nature of therapy. Rest assured you’ll have a professional on-hand for support throughout the process.  

Online Personal Therapy Sessions FAQs

What is an online personal therapy session?

An online personal therapy session is a one-to-one meeting with your own MPT therapist, booked via our online diary system. The length of your online therapy session will vary depending upon the treatment plan you’ve chosen. You can choose to have your personal therapy sessions is 3 ways: via Therapy Chat (which works like ‘LiveChat’), via Video-Messaging (like Skype, Signal, Threema of FaceTime) or via Phone. We recommend using platforms such as Signal as they use end-to-end encryption:


What can I expect from my first online personal therapy session?

Your therapist will help you to feel at ease, to be comfortable with what might be a new experience for you, and settle you into working remotely. Therapists work in different ways, so you’ll find your feet and build your relationship together. You may discuss therapy goals, or eCoursework you’re taking that week. The sessions are there for you to make the most of, and decide upon the things you’d like to cover.

Is it ok to do my online personal therapy sessions anywhere?

It is better to be in a solitary, quiet, safe, secure environment with a good internet connection or phone signal.

Are the Video Messaging personal therapy sessions held via the My Personal Therapy platform?

Our video sessions are managed off-site using one of a recommended set of video-messaging mediums. Our preferred platform is Signal . Adding a video-messaging function to our platform might be a viable option in the future, but it can cause technical issues and in particular slow-running of certain site features which isn’t ideal. By video-messaging off-site, you can also keep your dashboard at hand to refer to any work you’ve done and write entries.

In addition, Therapy Chat will be open and available regardless of your chosen method of online session. This can be really helpful, for example you can switch between talking and writing things to your therapist, or even uploading files for your therapist to see in real time (such as any coursework or other activities you’ve done that week). 

Are the Therapy Chat personal therapy sessions held via the My Personal Therapy platform?

Yes! We call it Therapy Chat and it works in a similar way to LiveChat (a medium you’re probably familiar with). Therapy Chat is conducted on-site, meaning you’ll need to be logged-on.  

Are the Phone personal therapy sessions held via the My Personal Therapy platform?

No, your therapist will call your chosen phone number at the time you have requested each week.

Urgent Care FAQs

What is Urgent / Ad Hoc Care?

Urgent Care is not to be confused with Emergency Care. If you, or someone else, is in danger or feeling suicidal –  DO NOT USE THIS SITE. Call 999, the Samaritans or an emergency doctor, or your local NHS mental health crisis team and get immediate help in your local area. We are a therapeutic service offering remote help, if there is danger or threat to life – our services are inappropriate and you must seek alternative help:

NHS Suide Support

The Samaritans



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