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Facing life as a young person with all the pressures this brings can be overwhelming and difficult. Whether at university, starting out in your career or dealing with relationships and social situations, this eCourse is your complete life-guide to building your self worth, becoming all you can be, and finding meaningful, lasting happiness and fulfillment

Being a millennial brings with it a unique and unprecedented set of pressures and challenges that can make life incredibly hard and complex at times, leaving you feeling disempowered and unable to thrive, both in your personal and professional or academic life. Feelings of disconnection and isolation, or a lack of independence or sense of personal power, can often lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms.

With mental health problems and suicide impacting young people like never before, this eCourse is here to help you through. The course draws from modules across our entire range, selected to address many of the issues you’re likely to face as a young person in the 21st century. The course celebrates the emergence of ‘generation millennial’ as a movement of socially aware individuals that feel deeply about societal injustices and use tech and social media to promote positive change and influence global culture, making the world a better place for everyone. Rather than regarding your generation as the cause of societal problems, on the contrary this course empowers by helping you understand and cope with modern pressures that have been unfairly handed down to you. The eCourse gives you the platform to make your mark in this world by having the successful and happy life you deserve.

The course explains why your generation has been dealt an unfair hand, and teaches you what you can do about it. It covers everything from coping with work and academic pressures, family and parental issues, overcoming procrastination, not feeling good enough, self harm, suicidal feelings, your sense of connection, belonging and relationships with others, fears of failure, ‘imposter syndrome’, dealing with anxiety and feelings of isolation, body image, confidence building, sex, drug and alcohol issues, domestic abuse, coercion and the problem with social media.

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