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Stress & Anger

Are you living with an anxious, heavy, closing-in feeling of dread, squeezing you so tightly you feel like exploding or escaping? Too much stress can leave you irritable, angry, emotional, unable to concentrate and tired. If you're under a tremendous amount of pressure, maybe culminating in angry outbursts, this course can help.

Stress can result in a lack of motivation or procrastinating about important tasks that need doing. Often the thing causing most pressure is the hardest thing to face up to, leading you into a vicious cycle.

Maybe someone close to you has anger issues that you’re struggling to deal with?  Or find yourself reacting badly / angrily in response? Perhaps you don’t feel anger appropriately, or struggle to get angry at all?

Intense feelings of stress and anger can be utterly debilitating, destroy your life, your relationships and damage your physical health. This course helps you understand and manage levels of stress or anger, to find new ways of coping and redirecting feelings in a non-damaging way.

The course considers anger as part of a normal range of healthy emotions, dispels myths, and considers the importance of healthy anger as distinct from unhealthy anger (aggression). You’ll learn to identify and manage your levels of stress or anger, to harness and manage feelings in ways that serve you rather than being a destructive force in your life, and the lives of those around you. Using a variety of techniques and solutions aimed to work with you personally, this course will enable you to cope with life and manage these emotions more skilfully and easily in ways that have wide-reaching benefit.

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