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Do you suffer from insomnia? Perhaps struggling to leave the cocoon of your bed and sleeping too much? Do you suffer from disturbed sleep or nightmares? Have trouble drifting off? Here we explore the fascinating world of sleep.

More is known about the reasons we need sleep, and what happens to us in our slumber, than ever before. This course takes you into the weird and wonderful world of sleep, explaining why it’s so important for your mind. You’ll learn surprising things about the vital role it plays in your life, understanding sleep in a whole new way. By doing so, you’ll gain the knowledge to work with your body in unison and from this find the most effective ways to have healthy sleep patterns for you.

Having a good night’s rest is very important to your psychological well being. Poor sleeping patterns often accompany and exacerbate other mental health conditions, particularly depression. Finding yourself in a poor sleep cycle actively works against feeling emotionally well and being able to cope. Being sleep deprived can lower your mood, make you feel cranky, unable to concentrate and exhausted. Perhaps you’ve been late or missed work or your studies because of lack of sleep and tiredness.

The course gives you a range of solutions and techniques to help you sleep healthily, finding solutions that work for you as an individual.





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