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Do you sometimes feel different to other people, inferior and defective, isolated, disconnected and alone? Do you hold deep-seated doubts of not being enough? Do you struggle to forgive or be kind to yourself?

Shame is probably at the heart of the most destructive aspects of human life, yet it receives very little public attention. Perhaps because it’s shameful to even talk about shame. Part of its nature is to be kept hidden and private. This is unfortunately its main source of destructive power.

You might be surprised to learn that understanding shame is likely to be your primary key to emotional well being, potentially the very thing that lies at the heart of your troubles. Most people rarely consider shame as the reason for their distress, and yet defeating it can change your life. Shame is a universal human emotion, a ‘silent’ epidemic, destroying you from within. Many therapists consider shame to be the single most important factor responsible for poor mental health.

This eCourse aims to raise awareness of the destructive forces connected with your shame and how they infiltrate every aspect your life, from the pain and suffering it causes, through to its devastating impact upon your relationships and even society at large. You’ll focus on healing your shame in ways that will transform your life by addressing issues right at their core. Not getting to the ‘core’ is one reason mental health treatments and improvements aren’t always successful in the long term. This eCourse offers a much needed, and refreshing, rational and common sense approach that will tackle your core issues, directly at source, providing you with an in depth and life-enhancing understanding of the role shame plays in your life.

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