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Self Worth

Having healthy self worth is vital for well-being. Do you wish you valued yourself more? Do you perhaps put on a brave face but underneath experience insecurity and self-doubt? Have you been put down or do you lack confidence?

Having healthy self worth is a fundamental aspect of emotional well-being and yet many people misunderstand what it means to have it. To aim for perfection, to cope impeccably, to be exceptional in some way, to have recognised achievements and successes, to look good, to be cool and handle your emotions with skill and grace, to be liked by lots of people, to be invulnerable and secure…. maybe you think these are the things of self worth? This course shows you that an anxious desire to achieve those things is what damages self worth rather than building it. Self acceptance is what matters, knowing you’re good enough just as you are.

Developing self worth is integral to strong mental health, having successful relationships, and a good quality of life. This course enables you to become self aware with courage and honesty, to feel good enough, to have a different relationship with your insecurities, to feel empowered to battle those inner demons that plague you.

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