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Self Harm & Suicide

Do you feel like harming yourself and experience tremendous inner turmoil, pain, high emotion or distress? Do you self harm? Are you feeling life isn't worth living?

If you have urges to intentionally hurt yourself, to damage or injure your body as a way of coping with intense feelings, to experience an outlet for overwhelming emotional distress, then this course will help you learn new and healthy ways of coping. Sometimes the urge to self harm can be so strong that it leads to increasingly risky injurious behaviour, or even purposely intending to die. You can be left with life-long scars or health complications as a result of your self harm, resulting in further challenges for you to cope with. Over 50% of people who commit suicide have a history of self harm.

Many people assume that self harming is attention-seeking behaviour or a cry for help, but this is rarely the experience of someone who self harms. In fact the shame of believing you’re harming yourself as a cry for attention and having your pain so judged and misunderstood, can be one of the most devastating aspects of dealing with self harm.

On this course, your professional will be a fully qualified therapist, although you can still opt for the Mentor Plan if you wish. Safeguarding is an important aspect of this course and a MPT therapist will undergo an assessment with you via an online personal session to carry out risk assessments, ensure our programme is appropriate for you, and explain the limitations of being able to safeguard you when accessing an online service. This assessment is offered free of charge and details will be emailed once you sign up if selecting this course.

You’ll be regularly monitored and undertake risk assessments to ensure your feelings don’t become dangerously overwhelming. Your therapist will remain with you each week as you work together to understand your intense feelings, giving you a more healthy outlet for emotional expression. Self harm often leads to feelings of shame, secrecy and withdrawal, so accessing therapy remotely may help you to access support if facing the world feels too daunting. The course is focused on keeping you well, managing your feelings, and learning new ways to cope with overwhelming distress. It aims to help you feel less disconnected and alone. You’ll work to understand what lead to using self harm to cope, and equip you with an individually created ‘toolkit’ of healthy coping mechanisms you can readily draw upon to prevent you from harm. The course concludes by creating a hopeful map for your future you can take with you throughout life.

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