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Prevent Sexual Offence

Are you worried about inappropriate or unwanted sexual feelings or urges? This course aims to protect vulnerable children and adults from falling victim to potentially life-destroying sexual abuse. How can we prevent sexual offence? If you're concerned about yourself, or anybody else, our support on this course can help prevent more lives from being ruined

Are you concerned about your sexual preferences and tastes? Perhaps you have violent or extreme sexual urges and feel afraid that these might escalate and cause you to commit a sexual offence?
Do you have fantasies or desires that are deeply troubling that you have to try very hard to control?

Perhaps you have urges to access extreme pornography and don’t know how to stop yourself?

Are you attracted to children or adolescents in ways that you shouldn’t be?

Having unwanted sexual desires, urges or fantasies is a deeply troubling, shaming and dangerous menace not only to your own life, but to the lives of potential victims and society as a whole.

Sexual offence destroys lives. If you are experiencing these feelings, you must seek help now to prevent you committing sexual offences that will cause devastating trauma to innocent victims.

There can be nowhere to turn if you’re trying desperately not to offend but experiencing completely unacceptable sexual urges. You can face judgement, condemnation, hatred and a total lack of understanding from individuals and society at large. With understandable public hatred towards sexual offenders, fear of violent (or even fatal) reprisals, a lack of available help, and the personal barrier of shame and fear that prevents people from coming forward to get support – the problem just goes underground and worsens.

If you ‘re an individual trying to deal with unwanted sexual urges and prevent sexual offence, you will struggle (and likely fail) to deal with this on your own. Online therapy allows you to reach out and get help with total anonymity.

This My Personal Therapy eCourse will help you not to destroy the lives of others, to manage your urges, to prevent sexual offence and live a better life. In complete confidence. You will not be judged or dehumanised.

Please seek the help you need, sign up today and work with trained professionals in strictest confidence.

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