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My Wounded Inner Child

A comprehensive, in-depth journey of exploration that gets to the heart of your problems and heals them at a deep level, in a long-lasting way. If you'd like to address your issues at their core, make sense of your childhood and past, move on from trauma, understand the dynamics of your family of origin and develop deep self awareness, this course is for you.

Each of us are shaped by our childhood experiences and family of origin. Significant relationships in your life have written on the slate of who you are. As adults, we still carry the child we once were within ourselves, shaping the way we see ourselves, other people and the world in general. This ‘inner child’ can influence you in both conscious and unconscious ways, steering your life in ways that you might be unaware of, and seriously limiting your potential and opportunities for well-being.

This course is an exploration of how you’ve come to think of yourself, your abilities, strengths and limitations in the way you do. Your childhood becomes a life-script, from which unfolding experiences and relationships in adulthood get re-created and repeated. You’ll be playing out childhood ‘dramas’ without necessarily realising you’re doing so because your adult experiences don’t seem obviously connected to your past. You’re likely to have a wounded inner child if you have low self worth, poor body image, struggle with emotions or boundaries, have problems with eating, self harm, sexual difficulties, attachment issues, perfectionism, distrust of others, dislike of authority, struggle with addictions or dependency, aggression, feel excessive neediness, find it difficult to make friends or rarely feel able to be yourself. The list isn’t exhaustive, but many of the things that bring people to therapy can be traced back to a wounded inner child.

The course builds a portfolio of work reflecting your life history and experiences, enabling you understand yourself and the dynamics of your past and present relationships in simple ways. The aim is to take complex and expansive-feeling aspects of your life and bring them to a place of simplified understanding that can be easily identified when manifesting in your adult life, and therefore better managed. You’ll form a new relationship with your younger self, and be able to make sense of your past, and build a future, in ways that no longer define or limit you.

It makes sense to uncover your deeper issues at their core, otherwise problems can remain unhealed and resurface, leaving you prone to encounter repeated dramas and negative experiences throughout your life.

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