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My Life Scripts – Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy is effective for a wide-range of emotional and psychological issues. 'Schemas' are essentially the mental images you hold about yourself, a set of ideas about your worth and beliefs or fears about the ways others will treat you. The course explores your life story and enables you to form a coherent understanding with deeper insights into your triggers and feelings in relationships.

Schema Therapy is an innovative therapy for dealing with long standing problems and more deep-seated issues like relationship and attachment issues, chronic depression and anxiety. It’s also helpful if you feel you might have serious mental health concerns, in particular borderline personality disorder. Schema Therapy combines elements of CBT, Object Relations and Attachment Theory using a range of techniques that are effective in bringing about long lasting, positive outcomes and life-changing insights. It’s a good choice if you feel you have complex emotional or psychological problems, including complex (or relational) trauma. Your ‘Life Scripts’ are like a map handed down to you in childhood, from which you navigate through life. Unfortunately, difficult childhood experiences can leave you with maps that take you in wrong directions. Life Scripts can hold you back and even put you in harm’s way (ie. in relationships with people that aren’t good for you).

The course takes you on a fascinating journey of self discovery in which you’ll build a picture of your life and understand your triggers, fears, insecurities in new and fascinating ways. Schema Therapy takes a structured approach involving concepts that are easy to work with, understand and apply to your life without compromising exploratory thought and deeper understanding.

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