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Do you have a lot of debt or struggle with money in ways that cause you considerable distress? Does your financial status negatively impact your self esteem? Are you hiding your spending habits or financial difficulties from others? Does it feel as though you're drowning in money problems and unable to cope? Is it difficult for you to manage your money and meet your financial commitments?

if you struggle with your mental health, it’s likely you’ll also struggle with money as the two things often come hand-in-hand. Money stress can be incredibly serious, sometimes causing such distress that people see no way out but to take their own life. Poor money management, debt and poverty are incredibly stressful things to cope with, and will make other emotional or psychological problems you’re dealing with feel much worse.

Our relationship to money is complex, closely linked to our self worth and intertwined with our psyche. In society, money is regarded as a marker of status and success. Having financial difficulties can leave you with a damaged, negative sense of your place in this world, feeling a diminished sense of personal power. Having money problems often results in intense feelings of shame, fear and secrecy. Problems can become so overwhelming that you can’t cope and avoid dealing with them, making your situation much worse and more stressful. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Behaviours around money can be symptomatic of underlying issues, driven by triggers, defence mechanisms, addictive behaviours, coping strategies and personality traits that you might be unaware of. In addition to exploring these potential issues and treating the deeper underlying causes of your money problems, the course gives you practical tools to help budget and manage your money and expert financial advice on handling debt. The aim of the course is to alleviate intense feelings of overwhelm and give you all of the tools, resources, support and information you need in one easy and convenient place that’ll take the pressure off and free you from debilitating distress. Money problems are solvable, even though it might be difficult, there is always a way out. You don’t need to despair or face struggles alone.

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