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How to be Happy

Is there something you can do to increase your chances of success and happiness? What would happiness mean for you? Do you search for happiness in places it can't be found? Are you stuck in a rut? Recognise you're standing in your own way but can't seem to change? This is your complete manual to living life like a pro

This course is your manual to finding meaningful, lasting happiness. It uses elements of Positive and Evolutionary Psychology to help you understand why it’s sometimes hard being human, and why we often struggle to find sustainable happiness in our lives. It’s a solution-focused, rational approach to understanding and managing potentially troublesome inner human drives and natural defence mechanisms. You’ll be given practical solutions to approaching key areas of your life in ways that give you the best possible chance of success in all areas of your life.

The course will teach you how to focus upon and work with your strengths in order to reach your full potential and navigate life’s inevitable struggles masterfully. The aim of the course is to improve your mood, resilience, hopefulness, self acceptance and levels of long-lasting, meaningful, happiness. It’s a great course if you prefer to deal with the present and future, rather than delving too deeply into the past. As such, it’s also recommended if you’ve dealt with deeper seated issues and feel ready to move onto the next phase of your life or you’re looking for a ‘top-up’ of emotional maintenance.



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