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Grief & Loss

Grief is something experienced when losing something or someone you love, whether through unfortunate life events or death, illness or relationship breakdown. It's an excruciating experience involving painful emotions like sadness, loneliness, numbness, confusion, hopelessness and despair

Grief is a natural response to loss, it’s your mind and body’s way of trying to process the loss of significant attachments and other things that you hold dear, for example your physical health or appearance, career, family home, beloved pet, financial stability, a pregnancy, your youth, hopes and dreams, friendships or feeling of safety and security in the world following a trauma.

The experience of grief is unique for everyone, lasts for different lengths of time, and moves through different stages as you heal. The process can be intensified if the loss was traumatic or unexpected, or involved complicated or unresolved relationship issues.

Losing important attachments in your life, or having anything you love taken away from you, can be extremely hard to recover from. Nothing seems ‘normal’ anymore, and life can feel forever changed in ways that you didn’t want, but are nevertheless powerless to do anything about. It can feel your identity has been lost alongside whatever, or whomever, you’re grieving.

Whatever your loss, it’s personal to you. This course guides you through your own stages of grief at a pace to suit. Unfortunately, the out-pouring of initial support following a loss usually wanes as people move on with their lives, sometimes leaving you feeling left behind and stuck with raw pain. You might not understand your grief, or tell yourself that it’s not normal to feel the things you do, judging yourself harshly and feeling shame and isolation as a result. Perhaps you think enough time has passed that you ought to be over it by now. Perhaps you feel others have run out of time or patience with you, perhaps avoiding you altogether. Grief can result in putting on a brave face whilst feeling broken inside, sometimes for years.

Whatever has caused your grief, this course and the professional support you’ll receive alongside it, enables you to heal and find healthy ways of coping with the pain, eventually coming to terms with your loss and moving on with your life.

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