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Gender & Identity

Gender identity isn’t an easy topic to understand but thankfully society is beginning to wake up and understand, slowly getting rid of old ideas about what gender is really about. Are you affected by gender identity issues? Interested in exploring what 'gender' means and, more importantly, what it means for you?

We’ve been taught that there are only two genders (man/masculine and woman/feminine) and two sexes (male and female). However, thankfully ideas are changing and we’re recognising that these are labels or constructs. Of course there are biological differences, but the overwhelming majority of what it means to be male/female/masculine/feminine has no basis in biology at all and in fact the result of social conditioning.

Gender is a human creation, a means to categorise and label people in order to make sense of the world around us. Each gender comes with a set of expectations, like how to behave, speak, dress, feel emotions and interact with others.

As soon as you’re born, a doctor assigns you a sex based upon your biology, chromosomes and physical body. Many people never question the sex that has been assigned to them and choose to identify with whatever they were assigned at birth. For others, things aren’t so straightforward and they question their assigned gender or sex. This is completely normal and okay.

If you don’t feel the gender assigned to you from birth matches with your personal sense of identity, this eCourse will help you to explore your feelings and learn to live with confidence as your most authentic self.

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