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Do you struggle with emotions, whether understanding, expressing or controlling them? Would you like to become more emotionally intelligent? Does it feel your emotions are ruling your life rather than you being in control? Do your emotions seem inappropriate for given situations? Perhaps you experience emotional numbness or a stunted ability to feel certain emotions at all?

Emotions are often mistakenly considered irrational, and intense or negative feelings unhealthy and unwelcome. On this course, you’ll learn how to accept and harness the full range of your emotions and use them skilfully to navigate your way through life. The course provides an in-depth study into understanding human emotions and building emotional intelligence. You’ll discover untapped emotional resources and realise empowering techniques to understand yourself and others better, guiding you towards an increased capacity to deal with life and relationships with emotional skill.

You’ll go on a personal journey of understanding your emotional self, mapping your emotional development and develop insights into why you react and feel about things as you do. You’ll think about emotions differently in refreshing ways, befriending them as your protector and guide, rather than your nemesis. The course is wide-ranging, from philosophical and evolutionary discussions of the purpose of emotion through to practical tasks to try out in your life. Emotions are central to human behaviour and yet many of us don’t have a deep understanding of their role. By becoming more emotionally intelligent, you’ll be able to deal with the things life inevitably throws at you with grace and skill.

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