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Eating Disorders

Do you have issues with food and eating? Do you turn to food as a coping mechanism by either restricting, over-eating or bingeing? Are you extremely controlled about your eating habits? Or conversely do you feel out of control? Do you struggle to maintain a healthy weight? Perhaps you have compulsive thoughts or behaviours around food? Think you have issues with food or might be suffering from an eating disorder?

If you struggle with behaviours around food and recognise that you may have eating habits that are unhealthy attempts at coping, or feeling more in control, then this course will support you. Whether you over-eat in an effort to comfort yourself, restrict your food intake, or have episodes of bingeing or purging,  you’ll learn how to manage your troublesome thoughts and behaviours. The course equips you to cope with life in healthy ways without turning to food as a means to deal with intense feelings or feel more in control.

Eating disorders are complex and experienced differently by everyone. Anyone, no matter what their age, gender, or background, can find themselves having difficulties with food and eating that significantly impact mental health and quality of life. The course will help identify your individual struggles with food, identify triggers, and explore the things that might’ve caused them. As symptoms vary from person to person, you might not identify with other sufferers and be unsure if you have a significant problem. Perhaps you’re secretive or protective of your behaviours around food as you don’t want others to take your control away, or fear shaming, negative judgement. You wouldn’t choose to have an eating disorder or a debilitating and unhealthy relationship with food, yet it’s likely you blame yourself, or experience shaming and blaming judgement from others that don’t understand, even well-intentioned loved ones.

It can be difficult to reach out for help if unsure your problem is serious enough, or don’t want to involve others, or feel anxious about having to give up your behaviours, or feel shame, guilt or embarrassment that pushes your problems underground. The course validates your personal experiences and relationship to food, explores the origins of your problems, helps you to identify your particular issues, and creates a treatment strategy that works for you as an individual. Having low self worth frequently accompanies issues around food and eating, so you’ll learn how to be more confident and self accepting.

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