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Domestic Abuse

Are you experiencing either isolated incidents or a pattern of feeling controlled, abused, coerced, threatened, pressured or degraded by your partner or someone that's supposed to care for you?

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone and yet you might be blaming yourself or feel responsible somehow, perhaps thinking you’ve provoked the terrible treatment you receive, or that you’re too ‘weak’ to do anything about it (you’re not!)

Unless you’ve been through domestic abuse yourself, it can be difficult to understand because leaving the situation, on the surface of it, seems like the easiest thing to do. However, domestic abuse occurs in highly complex, insidious relationship dynamics that often result in wonderful qualities of yours (like having high levels of compassion and empathy) being used against you. No one is immune and it isn’t your fault. This courses reaches out to you in the terrible isolation and shaming fear of judgement you face, empowering you to regain your sense of self and feel strong again. We’ll help you understand relationship dynamics and learn how to deal with an abuser. The course aims to free you from destructive relationship patterns and rediscover ways of being treated with the dignity and respect you deserve. You’ll emerge being able to see yourself as a strong survivor, rather than a victim, and use the things you’ve learned to feel empowered and reclaim your sense of control and self worth. Safeguarding is an important aspect of this course, and we’ll support you by advising how to keep your MPT work protected and hidden from those who might harm you for reaching out for help.

Domestic abuse is most often perpetrated by men against women although this isn’t always the case. Men can be victimised, anyone can be an abuser, and domestic abuse can occur in same-sex relationships. It can happen in families, or be perpetrated by those supposed to be caring for the vulnerable people they hurt. This course will help you regardless of your domestic situation or gender. You’ll learn about coercive control, psychological and emotional abuse, physical and sexual abuse, financial control, harassment, stalking and online abuse. If you need discretion and anonymity, that’s absolutely fine.

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