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Are you struggling with low mood? Think you might be depressed? Lacking motivation? Feeling desperate or alone? Struggling to take care of yourself? Does your future seem hopeless? Are you turning to unhealthy ways of coping? Is life overwhelming for you right now?

We believe depression is a unique experience for everyone, meaning that finding a way through needs to be personal for you. The course takes an eclectic and holistic approach that honours your individual experience and aims to find solutions that work for you. When you’re feeling down it can be difficult to leave the house sometimes. Unfortunately the very things you’d need to do in order to feel better are so far out of reach that you can’t see a way out. Reaching out to people can be difficult because managing company can be an exhausting ordeal. You withdraw to ‘protect’ others from what you can’t help but feel would be the burden of having to be with you when you’re feeling this way. It feels easier to go it alone, even when the isolation adds to your pain.

Working closely with your therapist or mentor, the course will evolve with you and follow an organic route to uncovering the deeper origins and underlying causes of your depression (should you wish), helping promote greater self awareness, understanding your unhealthy coping strategies and defences, building resilience, managing suicidal feelings, building hope, empowerment and connection in the face of darkness, disconnection and despair. By its nature, depression can make it hard for you to face the world, it’s an incredibly isolating experience. The problem with many forms of treatment is that they require the very things depression deprives you of: self-motivation; optimism; resilience; hard work; hope; strength; desire; resourcefulness; the ability to articulate your feelings and problems. When you’re feeling completely incapacitated and unable to look after yourself, leaving the house and finding help can be incredibly daunting.  This course is designed to take care of these things for you, in a very human rather than clinical way. The course was created by professionals that understand you need personal warmth and understanding, not to be treated like a number.

No matter how withdrawn or low you’re feeling, this course meets you wherever you are. Working online, you’ll worry less about being a burden (you’re not!) and don’t have to lift yourself to leave your house and face the world when you don’t feel up to it. Having access to your work 24/7, a professional by your side, and a personalised treatment programme, will help you to emerge from the dark, overwhelming entanglement of depression.

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