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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Are you looking for a shorter term treatment that is solution-focused, based around practical tasks and gives you a structured way of approaching your problems and dealing with negative thoughts?

CBT is widely used in the NHS as it offers short-term solutions and ways of recording improvements that can be measured in simple ways that would be more complicated with other treatments. This course is recommended if you generally cope well with life and feel you have good mental health, but find yourself faced with a recent situation or life event that’s difficult to cope with. If you have long-standing issues, or problems caused by internal struggles rather than external events, then CBT might not suit you or meet your needs.

The best way to decide whether CBT is right for you is to ask if the solution matches your problem. CBT provides a structured, methodical solution and is therefore most suitable for problems that have an easily-definable, structured explanation. If you’re able to easily and clearly articulate your problem, CBT will equip you to easily and clearly solve it. If your problems feel complex and difficult to explain, CBT might not be the best choice and any positive outcomes are likely to be short-lived and unsustainable.

CBT translates well to working online as it’s task-orientated, practical and interactive. You’ll begin by setting goals and planning a course of action. Each week, you’ll carry out a set of tasks and exercises fully supported by your MPT practitioner. You’ll develop positive ways of dealing with life, breaking negative patterns, and thinking, feeling and behaving in ways that allow you to manage life more skilfully and effectively. Our CBT programme engages with you on a personal level and addresses your individual emotional and psychological core issues, whilst remaining focused on the ‘here and now’ rather than delving deeply into your childhood or past.

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