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Body Image

Do you spend an excessive amount of time worrying about a particular aspect of your appearance? Are you very unhappy with your body? Obsess about the way you look? Maybe you go to great lengths at the gym (or even surgically) to correct or improve yourself, or conceal the way you look? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others in ways that leave you feeling terrible?

If you lack confidence in your appearance to the extent it’s limiting your quality of life and causing you considerable anxiety, this course can help. Perhaps you feel ugly or defective? Maybe aspects of your appearance seem abnormal to you? Do you think you’re too skinny? Too fat? Have unattractive or disproportionate physical features? Muscles not big enough?

Whether you have a negative body image, or suspect you have Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), the course helps by giving you an in-depth understanding of the potential causes of your feelings and experiences. You’ll learn what you need to do in order to regain your peace of mind, think in more calm and balanced ways, repair your confidence and become self accepting. BDD is a serious condition that can devastate lives, leading to intense feelings of desperation, isolation and even suicide. The course helps make sense of your relationship to your body and change it, to manage your symptoms and triggers, break free from negative thought patterns and turn down the dial of excessive worry. The aim is to free you from the devastating internal prison of having a negative body image. You’ll learn how to develop a healthy body image without feeling your perceptions are being invalidated, learn how to accept yourself more, and stop obsessing about your looks in negative, harmful ways. The course covers all aspects of body image, including body dysmorphia and muscle dysmorphia. The course focuses upon the added pressures of social media, and the prevalence of dehumanising objectification. We strongly promote body confidence and self acceptance and will help you overcome the debilitating shame and anxiety associated with having a poor body image.

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