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Bespoke Course

Can’t choose a course that is exactly right for you? Do you wish you could combine elements of the different courses available? Dealing with multiple difficulties in your life? Want to have a course tailored just for you?

Following a private session with a My Personal Therapy expert qualified therapist, your individual needs will be fully assessed and a bespoke course curated especially for you. Your own personal eCourse will include weekly content carefully chosen to meet your individual needs and address your particular concerns. We take into account your priorities and most pressing problems, designing a personalised course that sets out your route to well-being in the most logical and beneficial way possible. The great thing about this course is that it evolves with you, and can adapt to meet your changing needs as you progress.

The whole process of booking an assessment and bespoke course creation can be completed quickly and efficiently. You won’t have to delay starting your eCourse, or booking therapy sessions, and can get underway immediately whilst we get to work on creating your course.

During the assessment, your needs will be discussed, including any problems you’re facing, the ways you like to work, and the type of therapeutic approach that’s best suited to you. Our therapists will help you to feel at ease and ensure the session is comfortable for you. Following your assessment, your personalised course will be created and available within 2 business days.

Interested in this this eCourse? On its own or combined with online personal therapy sessions?  Create an account here. Alternatively, email My Personal Therapy to arrange your initial bespoke consultation here

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