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Assertiveness & Boundaries

Do you go out of your way to be be giving and caring for others whilst neglecting your own needs and wants? Do you find yourself giving endlessly but barely getting anything in return? Does this make you sad, frustrated, lonely, despairing or resentful?

This course gives you the skills to stand up for yourself and your needs in respectful ways, without having to communicate in unnatural ways that don’t fit with your personality. You’ll learn how to deal with even the trickiest of people, even those that are hostile and angry, with grace, skill and competence. Assertiveness and boundary holding are invaluable skills which  greatly improve your self worth and general mental health, improve the quality of your relationships and enhance your career prospects. You’ll learn how to navigate through your life and relationships much more easily, without holding yourself back, and how to be treated with the respect and consideration you deserve.



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