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Do you worry excessively? Often feel nervous? Suffer from panic attacks? Find it hard to deal with social situations or be around people? Does anxiety prevent you from living a full life and doing things you'd like?

Anxiety can be extremely debilitating and overwhelming, leaving you feeling hyper-vigilant and fearful of the worst, with very little mental peace from constant anxious thoughts. Everything in life just becomes that bit harder. You might worry excessively about bad things that might happen, that other people are going to hurt or reject you, that you won’t be good enough, funny enough, cool enough, interesting enough or whatever. That you’ll make a social mistake, embarrass yourself, or be noticed in ways that make you feel uncomfortable. This can mean you end up resorting to unhealthy ways of coping, for example, withdrawing from valuable social interactions and spending too much time alone, prioritising other people’s needs above your own, engaging in compulsive behaviours, using alcohol or drugs to mask your symptoms or to appear more sociable and confident, preventing others from getting to know the real you.

This course will help you to understand, manage and overcome GAD (generalised anxiety disorder), social anxiety and panic attacks, empowering you to free yourself from the terrible internal prison of anxiety. Everyone experiences anxiety differently, and this course is dedicated to finding a solution that works for you as an individual. Working in an online space can be ideal if your anxiety often makes it difficult for you to leave your house, or if you would feel more comfortable opening up about things from a distance.

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